Maboneng Precinct & Soweto Arts Tour

R0.00 5 hours


Visit Johannesburg and Soweto in a creative and unfiltered way.

  • The tour takes you from the creative Johannesburg scene in Maboneng precinct to to the Maboneng Township Arts Experience projects in Soweto
  • In both areas there will be an unhindered approach into the understanding of the history of the city and its symbiotic relationship
  • The present and the future for both areas is very vibrant as our program seeks to close the economic gaps of both these areas
  • Visit Vilakazi street, the great Soweto towers, gallery homes and meet amazing people.
  • The creative scene in both areas has set apart the two environments from many places in South Africa.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit that lies in the heart of both communities is sure to be a great example of how Townships can turn into Towns.
  • Food, art, culture and a participatory form of travel that allows you to be a part of building destinations is the order of our experiences.

Admission, Shuttle + Admission


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