Soweto & Alexandra – Sister Township Arts Tour

R0.00 5 hours


Visit Johannesburg’s iconic sister townships – Soweto and Alexandra Township.

  • The townships that are connected by the hip. Many people from Alexandra Township have family in Soweto.
  • It’s a lineage of families that span time and the environments.
  • Enjoy a special visit through the eyes of a community member who understands these dynamics deeply.
  • We will explore both townships experiencing the arts, history, food and culture while meeting resilient members of the community.
  • A tour bridging these two townships will give the visitor creative access into a world that will make sense if you put the two together.
  • More of a social puzzle waiting to be deciphered by a curios visitor who wants to know what lies behind the veil of our great city.

Admission, Shuttle + Admission


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