Maboneng Precinct & Alexandra – Township Arts Townships Into Towns Tour

R0.00 5 hours


This tour will take you from the innovative node of the Maboneng Precinct to the creatively rich township of Alexandra just 30 minutes away.

  • This Alexandra Township is the original name bearer of the word ‘Maboneng’ meaning a place of lights in seSotho, a South African language.
  • Start the tour in the inner city of Johannesburg, exploring various graffiti walls painted by both local and international artists.
  • Move onto to the original Maboneng in Alexandra Township to visit the gallery homes of the Maboneng Township Arts Experience.
  • Visit Nelson Mandela’s historic homestead on 7th Avenue.
  • Enjoy a hearty home cooked meal by one of our gallery homeowners

Admission, Shuttle + Admission


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